Tristan Coleman

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Tristan Coleman is a composer and producer from Melbourne, Australia.  Formally trained in composition, he is something of a musical polymath, equally at home in the concert hall or the digital studio. Fluent in algorithmic and machine-based composition, he is also interested in contemporary composition for acoustic ensembles and has an ongoing interest in the music of South-East Asia.

Tristan works in purer electronic forms from his studio in Melbourne. His latest work, the forthcoming debut EP, Still Life With Sound, combines these influences with ‘living room music’-like percussion, travel diary field recordings, a love of asymmetry within symmetry, and soulful vocals to create a unique and captivating sound world. Think Debussy meets Dangdut or Lutoslawski meets Luk Thung via Los Angeles, Tristan creates globalised, hybrid forms. 

Tristan’s ear for enmeshed, interlocking textures and melodies, as well as his basic desire to explore his neighbourhood, led to him living and studying traditional music and composition in Java in 2009. In turn, this has led to an ongoing connection with the region, its people and its music. In 2012 he conducted a residency and performance tour of Java involving the creation of new works for Western and Indonesian traditional instruments combined with electronics. This tour was part of the ongoing collaboration with Art Music Today, entitled Menggelanggang.